7 February 2011
Tmuna Theater
Tel Aviv, Israel
4—5 April 2011
Duncan Center
Prague, The Czech Republic
11—21 April 2011
Coaching Project
Klub Zak
Gdansk, Poland
26 April—31 May 2011
28 April 2011
Tmuna Theater
Tel Aviv, Israel
8—9 June 2011
11—15 June 2011
Kunst-Stoff Arts,
San Francisco, USA
7—9 July 2011
9—14 August 2011
Dance Box
Kobe, Japan
13 August 2011
24 August 2011
About Resilience
Tanz Im August
Berlin, Germany
5 October 2011
About Resilience
30—31 October 2011
Mes De Danza
Seville, Spain
2—3 November 2011
Mes De Danza
Seville, Spain
5—6 November 2011
Bad Bilbao
Bilbao, Spain
27 November 2011
Work In Progress Presentation, DOKzaal
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
8 December 2011
9 December 2011
Dancing On The Edge, Theater Kikker
Utrecht, The Netherlands
10 December 2011
15 December 2011
16 December 2011
Usages Géopolitiques Des Images

What influence do images have on migration policies? How do dictatorial regimes produce their imagery? Is there an ethical way to document war zones? USAGES GÉOPOLITIQUES DES IMAGES is a new publication that sets to examine these issues through the works of various contemporary artists. The book compiles the writing of twelve contributors, among them is Frédéric Pouillaude, whose essay examines  Zaides' practice over the past years. 

10—11 June 2017
Exclusive Access, Symposium, Research Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy