photo: Jennifer Wilkinson

Capture Practice

In 2013, Zaides was granted access to the video archives of B'Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in The Occupied Territories. The archives contain thousands of hours of footage, documented by Palestinian volunteers for B'Tselem’s Camera Project. Zaides’ research resulted in two works: Capture Practice (video installation), and Archive (stage performance).

Capture Practice is a two-channel video loop, commissioned by the Petach Tikva Museum of Art in 2014. The work examines the bodies of Israelis as they were captured on camera, and focuses on the physical reactions to which they resort in various confrontational situations in the West Bank. The Palestinians remain behind the camera, nevertheless, their movement, voice, and point of view are highly present, determining the viewer’s perspective. 

Capture Practice features Zaides as he dances in a studio, on one channel, and footage from the B'Tselem archives, on the other. With his gaze continuously facing the other screen, Zaides mimics the movements of the documented subjects. He uses his own body to tie together the occurrences on both screens. By creating a perpetuate choreographic practice, he examines the somatic influence of the occupation over the bodies of those administering it. As an Israeli choreographer whose work engages in the occupation, Capture Practice raises questions regarding Zaides’ own involvement in the act.

Credits & Collaborators

Archive materials (left screen): Volunteers for the “Camera Project” of B’Tselem – The Israeli Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories Ahmad Jundiyeh, Issa Amro, Abd al-Karim J'abri, Abu Ayesha, Raed Abu Ermeileh, Iman Sufan, Mu'ataz Sufan, Mustafa Elkam, Oren Yakobovich Videography (right screen) Amir Bornstein Video consultants Effi & Amir Artistic advisor Katerina Bakatsaki Commissioned by Petach Tikva Museum Of Art (IL)

Past Events

2—6 February 2015
École des Beaux-Arts, Galerie Du Quai, Toulouse, France
5—7 November 2016
Timisoara Performing Arts Festival, Mansarda Facultăţii de Arte, Timisoara, Romania
15 June—15 September 2017

Articles & Reviews

Right-wing Protesters Attack Art Talk in Jerusalem

by Yonatan Amir & Ronen Eidelman, Hyperallergic Online Magazine, 17/11/15

WEST JERUSALEM — In retrospect, we were complacent. We thought that the opposition would fade away by the time of the event, or at most, the action would amount to a polite protest vigil. Even after seeing the distorted stories claiming that our event supported terrorism and called for the destruction of Israel we were relatively calm. We are accustomed to this language — the lies and distortions of the nationalist right in Israel.

Usages Géopolitiques Des Images

What influence do images have on migration policies? How do dictatorial regimes produce their imagery? Is there an ethical way to document war zones? USAGES GÉOPOLITIQUES DES IMAGES is a new publication that sets to examine these issues through the works of various contemporary artists. The book compiles the writing of twelve contributors, among them is Frédéric Pouillaude, whose essay examines  Zaides' practice over the past years. 

14—15 March 2018