photo: Marco Pezzati


“This disturbed fog of shadows, raging within, how can I dissolve it?” Raymond Queneau

Zaides dances on stage, his shadow falls on a white screen at the back of the stage. As he moves, the shadow follows his steps, twitching or changing its form until no longer resembling a human figure. The mimetic practice reveals an inner struggle, an intensive dynamics that leaves Zaides lying on the ground in a state of exhaustion. A video projection portrays a dream-like scene: The shadow multiplies to creates hybrid shapes, while Zaides’ body hovers in mid air or bounces off the ground as if unconstrained by gravity. 

Credits & Collaborators

By Arkadi Zaides, Shira Miasnik Choreography & dance Arkadi Zaides Video Shira Miasnik Music Adam Scheflan, Leni Ben Basat Sound mastering Ronen Rot Costume Brigitte Cartier (Baladi Company)